Wednesday 22 May 2019

PLEX Losing less

The feedback on last weeks posts has been good so far. Many questions have come up in comments on Reddit mainly. Eve Online forums seems to be deader than a dead thing.

This is an updated chart from a post last week. It shows the different profitability levels from SP farming, the question was..

More of a statement really but here we go. Here we are focusing on the green line in the chart above. Skill farming from the 2 alt slots of an account to fund the "main" character on that account. If we look at a longer chart going back over a year (below), we can see that this method fully funded the account. Sometimes a little profit sometimes a little loss. What's not to like.

As we progressed through 2018 and into this year the losses have continued to build. So the commenter is correct with current prices the aim is to try and lose less. Let us look more granular more short term.
Forgive the title it is a new chart and I need to come up with a better one. This chart shows the profit or loss made on any given day over the last 90. All my posts cater for the "average" player. Not min maxers looking to gain the maximum profits. Those who do not buy extractors in advance when cheap and do not wait to sell injectors when they are expensive. The "average" who does everything in one day. If you run one or many accounts as described earlier. Two alts extracting to pay for a main. This chart shows when you can make less of a loss or a big loss.

Let us takes todays PLEX price 2,179,500,000.00 and our chart here showing -200million once you have bought extractors sold injectors and bought two mptc. This mean PLEXing your main actually cost 2,379,500,000.00. You lost more.

If all being equal and you completed the same transaction above the line for balance say at +200million. Then you would make a saving 1,979,500,000.00.

Here is the rub. If your two alts are running only for SP extracting, then yes. Your choice is losing less. But there are so many jobs for alts. Manufacturing slots, research slots, trading alt, Faction Warfare alts the list is endless. So if you make additional income from your alt then this calculation becomes much more complex and you need to look at what monthly income you make.

So this is for those that run extraction purely to fund a main with no other income streams from your alts.

Pick your days to extract sell and plex when the line is above zero.

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