Monday 17 June 2019

PLEX What a difference a month makes.

We have gone from, depending on the day you PLEX and extract, a 500million ISK lose to an almost 500million ISK profit.

It is now profitable for the average player to run accounts purely for SP extraction. What happened?

The major input PLEX has done this...

The output has done this...

We established in a previous post that the price of PLEX is the only input of importance. As Extractors and MPTC can both be bought using PLEX. This is why there is such a difference between the "average" player which I discuss mainly here in these posts, and dedicated SP farming players. SP farmers have been hoarding PLEX for a long time. So when they extract they could be using PLEX they bought 2 years ago at 2.5million per plex and using those to buy extractors. It is a completely different ball game. Leaving for posterity but was highlighted by u/Sartyva that the best course of action would be to sell the PLEX. The profit would be larger and less involved than SP extracting.

So what will this mean going forward? This is the usual slower summer months so demand for PLEX etc will fall. Long term players will be accumulating PLEX at these depressed prices.

If the Injector price remains buoyant meaning that SP farming remains on the margin profitable, we could see more people starting to extract skills again. This would add more supply to the market of Injectors, putting downward pressure on prices.

Over the coming months we could see a reversal of the opening chart. Bringing with it a return to daily posts like "PLEX too high me no likey".

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