Thursday, 29 January 2015

EVE Lore Fetish!

With all the interaction with the EVE universe based around its players, I tend to forget that there is quite a rich back story to things in EVE. With the last few updates building on the Jovian/Sleeper storyline, I have been hooked reading anything that Rhavas writes on Twitter or over at his Blog Interstellar Privateer. That's a link to the first of three posts talking about what might be the meaning behind Caroline's Star. Reading all this stuff got me really interested and led me to purchase Templar One, the third Eve book by Tony Gonzales, which tells the story of how sleeper technology was used to make DUST:514 mercenaries possible. It also bring a lot of the story around which the recent events in Eve are tied to.

I have been been making my way through all the EVE Chronicles and came across this Chronicle Collection by Tomiko Kawase. Every official chronicle in one place. It could be a little easier to navigate, indexing would awesome, but it has been nice to be able to read through when I get the chance and not have to rely on an Internet connection.

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